Christina Lattimer


– What is Lean for you?

Lean is about improving processes, so they are sleek, customer friendly and provide the best value for money.

– Human factor: how much is it important in a continuous improvement project?

The Human factor is absolutely vital, in fact it is the leading force.  Whether you are improving technology, systems, processes or procedures, without harnessing the imagination, experience and intuition of people, results will undoubtedly be limited and mechanical.

– Which car model you drive?

A BMW Series 1 Sports Coupe

– Why do Lean projects often fail?

Either a fixed attachment to the perceived outcomes and benefits, or not enough focus on outcomes and benefits.  These are opposite polarities, but somewhere balanced in the middle is the key to success.

– Which project has been the most enthusiasmant?

In terms of lean, I introduced a programme of quality standards across an organisation which realised around £1m in savings in the first year.  This was because we involved every single employee in the initiative by tying improvements with their performance objectives.

– Imagine you couldn’t have been a Consultant, which job would have you done?

I would have loved to have been a property investor.

– Which mobile phone model do you use?

An Apple Iphone 6



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