Koot Pieterse


– What is Lean for you?

Being able to identify waste in operations and processes,  and to apply creative means to eliminate it. It is a journey, not a destination.

– Human factor: how much is it important in a continuous improvement project?

It is vital to consider the impact of improvements on people, to ensure their acceptance and participation so that the change can be permanent.

– Which car model you drive?

I drive a Toyota Camry!

– Why do Lean projects often fail?

Lean projects often fail because they are considered completed, and then left to their own devices. Very frequently they need care and discipline to become a real habit.

– Which project has been the most enthusiasmant?

I have experienced the most enthusiasm implementing lean at a hospital where the top management were already convinced of the benefits of lean.

– Imagine you couldnt have been a Consultant, which job would have you done?

I prefer teaching – it is to me a form of entertainment, and it is satisfying to know you are empowering someone to do better.

– Which mobile phone model do you use?

I use a Blackberry phone.



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