Katya Baranava


– What is Lean for you?

For me Lean is a structured and optimised approach to any scale of action in a typically change resistant environment based on functional excellence and business process improvement cycle.

– Human factor: how much is it important in a continuous improvement project?

Actually it is at the same time the main challenge and the driver of Continuous Improvement. The human factor can become the reason of either a terrific success or change denial of a specific project. Engaged, motivated and inspired professionals always bring a higher add value. Therefore an alignment and engagement of all internal and external stakeholders along with a management sponsorship across the organization can already be a mini project prior to the main project’s start itself.

– Which car model you drive?

It is a “continuous improvement process” therefore I am choosing my next car in this period. Might go for something speedy.

– Why do Lean projects often fail?

The expectations, priority levels of stakeholders and the timeline along with the resources are not always aligned or correctly measured. Nonetheless I would state that any Lean project is a positive learning experience for future ones and lessons learned is an integral part of the process.

– Which project has been the most enthusiasmant?

I am convinced, it is the one still to come.

– Which mobile phone model do you use?

IPhone and Samsung



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