Luigi Antognini

Q&A Luigi


1. Luigi, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am engineering graduated and freelance since September 2014, previously Operation Manager at Teuco Guzzini S.p.a. a leading company pioneer in design and technological innovation in the bathroom and wellbeing.

During that period in time I have been project team leader for the lean transformation, the development of sophisticated supply chains and for integration processes in corporate acquisition.

2. How do you define Excellence?

In my opinion Excellence can be defined as a never ending cycle that blends the awareness of the results already achieved and the aptitude to get something even more challenging.

3. Is it true that for the most of us we resist change?

I think that is quite of human being to resist change after having achieved a “safe life condition”, that’s an ancestral legacy we keep inside ourselves. But when a change is required we should be ready to modify accordingly our behaviour and leave the “ former safe condition” without any hesitation.

Nevertheless a more modern approach suggests being proactive and looking for a continuous change in order to prevent the damages driven by the steady state or late change.

4. Innovation, why is it important for us?

Innovation is important because it is one of the most powerful leverage to make the difference when the competition becomes stronger.

5. How is Creativity important to the success of the leader?

All around us everything is changing faster then in the past and the complexity seems increasing every day. On the other side the resources available are quite often insufficient.

How could we manage that without using creativity?

Moreover creative approaches are crucial to make the difference when developing new products, services, methods, etc.

6. Does a good leader in today’s world need to balance both the goal achievement part with the people skills part?

Absolutely yes, in today’s world only good teams can achieve significant goals and skilled and motivated people make these teams.

It’s undeniable that nowadays a good leader has to take care of people either in terms of training and motivation.




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