Associazione contro la corruzione

Il nostro impegno contro la corruzione è di base nelle nostre attività.

AILM è un’Associazione contro la corruzione.

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Paolo Zanella, vice presidente esecutivo di AILM e Direttore Garanzia della Qualità #AST: “Siamo la prima e l’unica acciaieria in Europa che, ad oggi, ha conseguito la certificazione #anticorruzione ISO37001”.#ProudToBeAST #NoCorruptionZone  — Ast (@AcciaiTerni) November 26, 2019

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, associazione contro la corruzione, supporta “Getting payments right in times of crisis: maintaining resilient social welfare programmes, free from fraud and error”
Against this backdrop, this webinar organised by the OECD will explore how governments are tackling fraud and error in times of crisis. The panel of experts will share experience and insights about what makes social welfare programmes “resilient,” showcasing ways they examine and mitigate fraud and error. (2 novembre 2020)


Julio Bacio Terracino, OECD
Sarah Anne Cairns, Scotland
Alejandro Falla, Colombia
Guillaume Filhon, ISSA

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting “OECD Forum on the Governance of Infrastructure” and
“Plenary session: Re-building Together – Infrastructure Governance for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth —- 2020 Infrastructure and Public Procurement Weeks” / OECD (30 ottobre 2020)

– María Antonieta Alva Luperdi, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Perù
– Makhtar Diop, World Bank, Vice President for Infrastructure
– Angel Gurría, OECD, Secretary-General
– Masamichi Konno, OECD, Deputy Secretary-General
– Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure, Canada
– Mario Nava, European Commission, Director-General of the DG Reform
– Elsa Pilichowski, OECD, Director, Directorate for Public Governance
– Bambang Susantono, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Vice President

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting “Governance for Youth, Trust and Intergenerational Justice Fit for all generations” / OECD (22 ottobre 2020)

• Ms Alexandra Robinson, Global President, AIESEC
• Ms Maree Brown, Director, Child Wellbeing Unit, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand
• Mr. Maciej Kucharczyk, Secretary General, AGE Platform Europe
• Ms. Florencia Van Houdt, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting “Taking the pulse of the impact of the crisis on the economy – the OECD’s Composite Leading Indicators” / OECD (20 ottobre 2020)

This special webinar, organised as part of World Statistics Day, will look closer at the Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) to better understand what the CLI is, how it’s constructed, how it’s used, and most importantly how it performs.

“Why, What, and How of the OECD’s Composite Leading Indicators (CLIs)” by Roberto Astolfi, Head of Unit CLIs and Environmental Accounts, OECD Statistics and Data Directorate

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting the Webinar: “What really motivates anti-corruption compliance?” / OECD (23 settembre 2020)

What really motivates anti-corruption compliance2

  • Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-large, Thomson Reuters
  • Anna Hallberg, Minister of Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs of Sweden
  • Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, OECD Deputy-Secretary General
  • France Chain, Senior Legal Analyst, OECD Anti-Corruption Division
  • Alma Balcázar, Co-founder and Principal of GR Compliance SAS and Member of the International Council of Transparency International
  • Andrew Gentin, Assistant Chief, Fraud Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice
  • Corinne Lagache, Chair, Business at OECD Anti-Corruption Committee, and Senior Vice President, Group Compliance Officer, Safran
  • Caroline Lindgren, Head of Legal and Local Compliance Officer of Sweco Sverige AB

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting the Webinar: “OECD launch of Education at a Glance 2020” / OECD (8 settembre 2020)

OECD launch of Education at a Glance 2020

Keynote speakers:
– Andreas Schleicher , OECD Director for Education and Skills
– Yousra Assali, WorldSkills Champions Trust Regional Representative, Middle East & North Africa
– Prisha Bathia, Digital Marketing Apprentice, Google UK
– Jennifer Coupland, Chief Executive, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, England (UK)
– Sebastian Henke , Director of Human Resources, Optima, Germany
– Keith Smith, Director for Post 16 Skills and Strategy, Department for Education, England (UK)

AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers supporting the Webinar: “Compliance – an unintended victim of Covid-19?” / International Bar Association (24 giugno 2020)


Michaela Ahlberg, lawyer
Andrei Gusev, Website Officer, IBA Anti-Corruption Committee
Piotr Janecki, BSH
Tomasz Konopka, Soltysinski Kawecki & Szlezak, Warsaw; Regional Representative Europe, IBA Anti-Corruption Committee
Jitka Logesová, Wolf Theiss, Prague; Co-Chair, IBA Anti-Corruption Committee

Invitati a partecipare come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers al 2020 Virtual Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct tenutosi il 17 giugno 2020

Session: How do we define effectiveness and measure success of grievance mechanisms?

Clipboard01Charline Daelman, amfori – Social Sustainability Expert
LISA Laplante, New England Law | Boston – Professor
Maartje Van Putten, Dutch NCP – Chair
Ineke Zeldenrust, Clean Clothes Campaign – International Coordinator
Jennifer Zerk, Jennifer Zerk Consulting – Principal

Session: Considering access to remedy from a company perspective

Clipboard01Edwin Atema, Road Transport Project Leader – FNV Road Transport Research and Enforcement Foundation
Sheila Dannunzio, Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion Director – STMicroelectronics
Nathalie Komatitsch, Head of Human Rights Department – Total
David Kovick, Senior Advisor – Shift
Ruben Zandvliet, Advisor Environmental, Social and Ethical Risk & Policies – ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Session: Access to remedy


Stephanie Amoako, Accountability Counsel Senior Policy Associate
Detlev Brauns, German National Contact Point Head of Division
Jonas Grimheden, European Union Agency for Fundamental…
Programme Manager
Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General
Mathilde Mesnard, OECD Deputy Director, Directorate for…
Horatia Muir Watt, Sciences Po Professor
Lene Wendland, UN Human Rights (OHCHR) Chief of Business and Human Rights Unit

Session: Partnering to enhance access to remedy : learnings from Asia

Clipboard01Heather Canon, Vice President Capacity building at ELEVATE
Daw Khine Khine Nwe, Joint Secretary General at UMFCCI
Kate Lynch, Senior Executive Australian at National Contact Point OECD Guidelines
Coralie Martin, Country Lead, Vietnam and Myanmar
Andrey Sawchenko, Regional Vice President, Forced Labour Programs, Asia Pacific at International Justice Mission
Cristina Tebar Less, Acting Head, Centre for Responsible Business Conduct OECD

Abbiamo partecipato il 4 giugno 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “Public Procurement responses to the COVID-19: Lessons and experiences from countries” OECD webinar


– Mr. John Ivil, Chair of the Working Party of Leading Practitioners on Public Procurement

– Ms. Marzena Rogalska, Director, Directorate for Single Market for Public Administrations, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW), European Commission

– Ms. Karen English, Director of International Procurement and Trade, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand (TBC)
– Mr. Paul Quinn, Government CPO and CEO, Office of Government Procurement, Ireland
– Ms. Angela Russo, Consip, Italy
– Mr. Heehoon Kang, Director of International Co-operation Division, Public Procurement Service, Korea
– Mr. Glenn Bain, Chair, Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), Australia
– Mr. Lars Ohse, Head of the Central Purchasing Body of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

– Ms. Erika Bozzay, Senior Policy Adviser, Public Governance Directorate, OECD

Abbiamo partecipato il 28 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “The 2020 TRACE Prize for Investigative Reporting” TRACE international webinar with Charles Lewis.
Charles Lewis is executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop in Washington. A MacArthur Fellow, former ABC News and CBS News 60 Minutes producer and best-selling author or co-author of six books, he founded two Pulitzer Prize-winning nonprofit new organizations, the Center for Public Integrity and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

GoToWebinar 001

Abbiamo partecipato il 28 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “C5 Strengthening an Ethical Culture in Good Times…and In Bad” C5 webinar

Strengthening an Ethical Culture in Good Times…and In Bad

Sandra Middel – Group Compliance Officer, Clariant International Ltd
Dr. Klaus Moosmayer – Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Ethics, Risk and Compliance Officer, Novartis
Flavio de Souza – Chief Compliance Officer, Nestle Group
Sandra Middel – Group Compliance Officer, Clariant International Ltd

Abbiamo partecipato il 28 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “CIBJO Jewellery Industry Voices – Return to Business: Communicating Jewellery’s Unique Appeal” CIBJO webinar

CIBJO Jewellery Industry Voices - Return to Business Communicating Jewellerys Unique Appeal 1David Kellie, CEO, Diamond Producers Association
Huw Daniel, CEO, Platinum Guild International
Jennifer Heebner, Executive Director, Cultured Pearl Association of America
Emmanuel Piat, Owner, Maison Piat
Moderated by Edward Johnson and Steven Benson, and hosted by CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri

Abbiamo partecipato il 28 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “Whistleblowing and whistleblower protections in the Covid-19 era” IBA International Bar Association webinar

Whistleblowing and whistleblower protections in the Covid-19 era 2Kieran Pender – Senior Legal Advisor, Legal Policy & Research Unit, International Bar Association, London
Leopoldo Pagotto – Freitas Leite Advogados, São Paulo; Co-Chair, IBA AntiCorruption Committee
Patrick L. Benaroche – Stikeman Elliott, Montreal; Senior Vice-Chair, IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee
Anna Myers – Executive Director, Whistleblowing International Network, Glasgow
Schona Jolly QC – Cloisters Chambers, London
Tom Devine – Legal Director, Government Accountability Project, Washington, DC
Samantha Feinstein – Deputy Director, International, Government Accountability Project, Washington, DC

Abbiamo partecipato il 26 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “Blockchain – Finding Diamonds in the Rough: Four Use Cases” SECA webinar

SECA Webinar Blockchain 2 50%Sheraz Ahmed, VP Business Development, Crypto Valley Association (Zug)
Bilal El Alamy, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Equisafe (Paris)
Alessandro Palombo, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Jur (Rome)
Maryanne Morrow, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, 9th Gear (Palo Alto)
Jitesh Shetty, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, InfiniChains (Palo Alto)
Parth Patil, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer, InfiniChains (Pune)
Todd Taylor, Professor, Blockchain, Thunderbird School of Global Management (Phoenix)

Abbiamo partecipato il 26 maggio 2020 come Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar : “How to design a value creating third-party risk programme” webinar
How to design a value creating third-party risk programme 1Sasja Beslik – Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Finance Development at Bank J.Safra Sarasin
Dave Rusher – Chief Customer Officer at Aravo Solutions
Maria Sanchez Marin – Performance Director at Refinitiv
Charles Minutella – Head of Enhanced Due Diligence at Refinitiv

Abbiamo partecipato il 22 maggio 2020, come AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar “Emergency measures to protect whistleblowers and promote reporting during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond” con Mathilde Mesnard – Deputy Director Directorate for Financial and Entreprise Affairs (DAFE) at OECD – OCDE; Lisette van Eenennaam – Chief Integrity Officer at ABB; Inese Kušķe – Public Administration Policy Department The State Chancellery of Latvia; Tom Devine – Legal Director; Elin Kunz – Healthcare Consultant Kunz LLC

OECD Emergency measures to protect whistleblowers 3

Abbiamo partecipato il 20 maggio 2020, come AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al webinar “Integrity champions of the world, unite! Launch of the OECD Public Integrity Handbook” con János Bertok – Acting Director, OECD Directorate for Public Governance; Silvia Spaeth, Detective Chief Inspector, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Germany, and Co-Chair of the OECD Working Party of Senior Public Integrity Officials Delia; Ferreira Rubio, Chair, Transparency International;  Callie Zorzi, Group Manager, Integrity, Performance and Employment Policy, Australian Public Service Commission, Australia”

OECD Public Integrity Handbook 2 50%

Abbiamo partecipato il 14 maggio 2020, come AILM Associazione Italiana Lean Managers, al Webinaire “Anticorruption Sapin 2 : Quels impacts sur les relations entre les PME et les Grands Comptes ? Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne avec Claire Andrieux – Adjointe au chef du département de l’appui aux entreprises chez Agence Française Anticorruption AFA”.